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  1. First, we serve professionals in the beauty industry who are currently seeking positions
  2. The information, images and videos that you may upload for your business profile provide you the opportunity to attract candidates who will be a good match for your business.
  3. The great communication tools available to you like Skype, Google Talk, Google Voice and Video Chat offer both free and low-cost options to interview candidates for your positions prior to an in-person visit.
  4. Companies. it is our understanding we know what it takes to hire effectively on the internet.
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  6. Upload Videos, Pictures to give potential Applicants an idea of what your shop is like.
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  8. You will be able to revise your Job Openings at any time.
As a beauty professional looking for work I am looking for
  1. look and feel of a place(use our video or picture section to showcase your place)
  2. I want to have an interview(use google video and chat or skpye, takes minutes to set it up)
  3. What products do i use?(use our questionnaire to answer some basic questions)
  4. Anything left that needs to be said( use our job description box)

Our goal is to build your business efficiently and effectively.
Good luck, thank you
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